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A case series evaluating CovaWound™ Alginate (Covalon Technologies Ltd.) as a primary dressing for moderate to highly exuding lower limb wounds of differing aetiology.


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 CovaWound™ Alginate is a primary wound dressing made from the calcium salt of alginic acid rich in mannuronic acid. In contrast to commonly used hydrofibers, CovaWound™ Alginate is made entirely of natural materials.  When the dressing comes into contact with wound exudate it forms a soft, hydrophilic, gas permeable gel, conforming to the contours of the wound to provide a micro-environment that facilitates wound healing and prevents maceration.  In tests completed by The Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory (SMTL) the dressing is also shown to have high wet force break properties, which indicate a high tensile strength when wet.

 CovaWound™ Alginate is indicated for moderate to highly exuding wounds of differing aetiology. The dressing was very good at controlling exudate and was both easy to apply and remove. Over the four-week case series evaluation none of the patients developed clinical features of wound infection. The dressing demonstrated high absorbency and there were no contraindications associated with peri-wound maceration of the surrounding skin. Clinicians reported that the dressing was highly conformable and retained its integrity on removal from the wound bed.

 The preliminary findings from this case series evaluation suggests that CovaWound™ Alginate is a highly absorbent alginate dressing that holds exudate in the dressing preventing maceration and excoriation to the periwound skin. There was no additional pain during dressing changes demonstrating that CovaWound™ Alginate is an effective dressing when used under compression therapy.

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