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My Venous Leg Ulcer : The development of a Patient Passport for the Management of Leg Ulceration

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My Venous Leg Ulcer : Patient Passport


The number of leg ulcer patient in the UK continues

to grow and with this comes additional strain on the

health service, both in terms of capacity and in

service provision (Guest et al 2017). Leg ulcer care

may be carried out by a range of clinicians in the

healthcare setting including leg ulcer specialist

nurses, community nurses and practice nurses

(Guest et al 2017). There is also a need to

encourage patient empowerment through better

knowledge of their conditions and greater

involvement in their own care as mentioned in the

five year forward view (NHS England 2015).

As is common in the UK, the remit for care of

patients with leg ulcers at Medway Community

Healthcare (MCH) lies within the community nursing

service. This includes running the leg ulcer clinics

and seeing housebound patients. The difficulty in

recruitment and retention of community staff has

had an impact on lower limb management within

Medway Community Healthcare. T issue Viability

provide in house training aimed at new staff in order

to manage the issues of staff education in leg ulcer

management, however due to poor staff retention

there is a lack of expertise among community


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