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Central North West London (CNWL) Hillingdon Wound Care Provision Patient Satisfaction Survey

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This paper provides an overview of the findings from a patient satisfaction survey carried out by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) following changes made to the provision of wound dressings for housebound patients in Hillingdon. In November 2016 CNWL changed the way dressings are provided to housebound patients in Hillingdon so that patients are no longer given boxes of dressings on prescription. Individual dressings are now provided as and when they are needed. District Nurses bring these to patients as they dress wounds and it is no longer necessary for patients/carers to collect prescriptions of dressings from their pharmacy. This survey captures patient feedback following this change of process. This report will analyse the feedback and make recommendations for further developments which could be made to further improve patient care and experience.


It was agreed that a patient survey be conducted 3 months after the implementation of the new dressing system to capture post implementation feedback from patients who experienced the service pre and post implementation.

CNWL used a questionnaire designed by ConvaTec to obtain patient feedback as it captured appropriate information desired by commissioners and the service. ConvaTec had offered to analyse the data collected, however due to timescales required CNWL agreed to collate and analyse the data themselves.

The survey was handed out to the 8 District Nursing Teams by the Band 7 team leaders with instructions to return all completed responses to the Clinical Service Lead within two weeks. Nurses doubled up on visits and were accompanied by a student nurse so that there was someone to offer support to complete the form during the visit if the patient was unable to read or write independently.

There are three parts to the survey; to understand views of the previous dressing supply system; views of the revised dressing supply system, and any other comments. All answers are multiple-choice with a comments section at the end. In some cases, fewer than 60 responses were received for questions as some questions were left unanswered by patients.


There were 60 responses completed out of the 80 circulated to patients on the Hillingdon District Nursing Caseload, representing a 75% response rate.

74.57% of patients stated that prior to this remodelling there had been occasions where their prescriptions for dressings had not been received and an alternative dressing was used by District Nurses. This highlights a delay in delivering the correct care.

61% of patients reported that nurses had to re-visit as the correct dressing was unavailable at their first visit representing a significant waste of clinician time.

42% of respondents reported that their quality of life had been positively influenced by this change. 23% reported that their quality of life was neither positively nor negatively affected,

74% of patients reported that the new dressings supply process had been of benefit to them.


The findings above illustrate that the majority of patients have been satisfied with the changes which were made to the provision of dressings.

We wanted to achieve:

Better wound outcomes for patients

A reduction in wasted patient visits due to staff not having the required dressing


The following has been achieved:

We now provide quicker access to the most appropriate products in a timely manner

The wound care management pathway has been improved to optimise patient outcomes and experience.




The findings of this report indicate that the implementation of the new process for providing wound dressings has had a positive impact for patients, 42 (74%) out of 57 patients stated that the new system has been beneficial to them.


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