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"Heel Drag"-An educational strategy for the reduction of heel pressure ulcers in an Acute Trust

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"Heel Drag" – An educational strategy for the reduction of heel pressure ulcers in an Acute Trust

Author:Cheri Pearce



Pressure ulcers cause immense pain and suffering for patients and their carers and the annual cost is considered to be substantial. Pressure ulcers are recognised as avoidable harm and many could be prevented through good nursing care. As nursing staff, we should be addressing the issue of avoidable pressure damage and working together to reduce harm to our patients.

At QEHB we have made a significant reduction in the number of patients that develop pressure ulcers whilst in our care through adaptive educational campaigns. One such campaign involved ‘Skin Champions’ who are Nursing Assistant Link Nurses. 

The RCN (2012) recognise that Link nurses ‘have the potential to support patient safety strategies through the dissemination of knowledge and best practice in health care settings’. They highlighted that Link Nurses can be instrumental in the reduction of patient harm.

The Trust runs a successful Link Nurse system for registered and unregistered nurses through which knowledge and skills are shared. On one of these study days an innovative educational strategy was developed and delivered in order to promote the reduction in hospital acquired avoidable pressure ulcers to the heel. This strategy is called 'The Heel Drag'.

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