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Trial of a skin protectant dressing to reduce device-related pressure ulcers in a critical care setting

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Trial of a skin protectant dressing to reduce device related pressure ulcers in a critical care setting



‘In the current battle to eliminate all avoidable pressure ulcers nurses now report and examine every episode of tissue damage where pressure is believed to have been a contributing factor.’ (Dyer, A. 2015)

This has resulted in skin damage being identified that can be attributable to medical devices. In NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) these device-related pressure ulcers most frequently develop within the critical care units for both adults and paediatric patients.

The Tissue Viability team in NHSGGC carried out a trial of Spycra Protect, a skin protectant dressing, designed to prevent friction and skin damage, to see if this would help reduce the development of pressure ulcers beneath medical devices.

Two sites where chosen to take part in the trial. An adult Intensive Care Unit in theRoyalAlexandraHospitalinPaisleywas selected for the trial due to a high incidence of device –related damage from Endotrachael Tapes (ET) and tubes. The second site selected was the paediatric Critical Care unit in the Royal Children’s’ Hospital inGlasgow.

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