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Auditing harm free care

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The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals is a large tertiary foundation Trust which provides acute and community care for the population of the city of Newcastle. The primary aim of this audit was to ascertain if staff were documenting the care given to patients with regards to the Harm Free campaign of reducing Trust acquired pressure ulcers.

Identifying the problem

A number of wards were identified as having a raised incidence of pressure ulcers and moisture lesions.

Standards of care

Patients are assessed for their risk of pressure ulcers within one hour of admission to their ward, using the Braden Risk Assessment Tool.  If Braden is equal or less than 17,  a plan of care  is initiated, which comprises of a set of standards of care,  which are listed below.


•Inspect skin on admission, transfer (and discharge) and at every positional change
•Daily Braden
•Commence FOCUS chart (intentional rounding documentation)
•Reposition every 2 hours
•Elevate heels whilst in bed
•Provide pressure relieving cushion when sated
•Stand every hour when seated
•Minimise time spent in chair to 203 hours at a time
•Deliver skin care et every positional change
•Offer patients and carers a patient leaflet.
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