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An evaluation of hosiery kits in offender health: Improving quality of life for those with complex needs

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Leg ulcer management in the offender setting

is challenging. Many patients have long

standing chronic and complex ulceration,

the use of compression bandages further

compounds the challenges due to stigma

and the risk posed due to the length of the


The VenUS lV trial (Ashby et al. 2014) highlighted

the clinical and cost benefits associated with

using hosiery kits as an alter native to

compression bandages.

The evaluation:

A 5-patient evaluation examined the use of

a European classification hosiery kit* as an

alternative to compression bandaging for the

management of venous leg ulceration and

associated chronic oedema.

All patients had the ulcer present for at least

6-months and each evaluation was monitored

over 12-weeks from commencement of

hosiery kit use, until healing or transfer of

setting if this occurred first.

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