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Chronic Oedema of the Lower Limb: results of the first UK University based dedicated competency based module

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Chronic Oedemaof the Lower Limb: results of the first UK University dedicated competency based module

Patients with Chronic Oedema of the Lower Limb can have many complex needs, it is important to understand the cause of the individual’s chronic oedema in order to determine the best management.

In 2011 the team developed a dedicated competency based training course with the aim of enabling practitioners to consolidate and enhance professional competence and skills in managing patients with chronic oedema of the lower limb and the associated skin conditions.  Since then 62 specialist nurses have successfully completed the course.

Developed in response to best practice requirements,  and focusing on practical skills, it is delivered over a 4 month period with5 taught days and supervised and support in practice.  Formal assessment of bandaging skills are carried out at the end of the course.

Content includes: prevalence and incidence of chronic oedema, National/International clinical guidelines; physiology/pathophysiology; assessment; patient centred management; advances in therapeutic interventions; quality of life; patient support and models of service delivery.

Participants are also asked to review local service provision, using the clinical audit cycle, to assess their clinical environment for providing patient centred care for people with chronic oedema.

The results presented on our poster indicate that practitioners who completed the course had enhanced skills to assess and manage patients with chronic oedema and the skills to develop services for this often poorly supported patient population.  

This course has now been validated with, 30 academic credits at level 6/7, as a module which is part of the MSc Clinical Skin Integrity & Wound Management. It can also be completed as a stand alone module.  Please contact [email protected] for further details




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