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Clinical evaluation of UrgoStart wound dressings in ‘hard to heal’ diabetic foot ulcers.

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•Diabetes affects 4.5% of people throughout the UK; an estimated 2.5% will develop a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU).


•DFUs in the UK (2010-11) cost £306.6 million (0.6% of NHS budget)1 due to poor healing rates, associated infection, hospitalisation and amputation.


•UrgoStart, a matrix metalloproteinase dressing with nano-oligo saccharide factor aims to improve healing rates in ‘hard to heal’ DFUs2.



•UrgoStart dressings were applied to ‘hard to heal’ DFU’s in 25 consecutive patients, i.e. DFUs that did not reduce by ≥50% or more with 4 weeks of standard therapy in line with NICE guidelines (NG19).
•Wound size and/or time to healing was recorded at baseline, four, eight and 12 weeks.


•One patient was excluded from the evaluation as they died before the initial four week follow-up.
•The average wound duration was 27.5 weeks prior to the application of UrgoStart.
•78.5% had a SINBAD score of <3, indicating a lower severity of ulceration, achieved healing within 12 weeks; only 50% achieved healing with a SINBAD score of ≥3.
•Ten patients did not complete the 12 week evaluation due to infection (n=4), major amputation (n=1) or failure to comply with offloading (n=5).



•Although this clinical evaluation has shown UrgoStart may be a useful adjunct in ‘hard to heal’ DFUs, the basic principles of DFU care must be upheld.


•Further studies are required to confirm the efficacy of UrgoStart dressings in the treatment of ‘hard to heal’ DFUs.
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