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A case series evaluating KerraCel as a primary dressing for moderate to highly exuding wounds of differing aetiology in the lower limb

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 Case series evaluating KerraCelTMas a primary dressing for moderate to highly exuding wounds of differing aetiology in the lower limb.


Aim & Methods

KerracelTM is a new gelling fibre dressing containing 100% caboxmethyl cellulose to lock in exudate and protect peri-wound skin from maceration whilst maintaining a moist wound healing environment.

Patients recruited into the case series evaluation had either moderate to highly exuding wounds   of mixed, venous or diabetic foot aetiology without clinical features of infection. All cases were reviewed over a four week period where standard care was provided. Objective measures including wound tracing and photographs were performed once a week. The objective measures included were:

Wound measurement (cm2)

·Exudate levels and absorbency of dressing
·Appearance of surrounding skin
·Conformability of dressing to contour to the wound bed on application
·Integrity of dressing on removal from the wound

15 patients with differing lower limb wound aetiologies were recruited into this case series evaluation. Nine patients had venous leg ulcers (VLU), three had mixed aetiology leg ulcers (MLU) and a further three patients had diabetic foot ulceration (DFU). None of the patients included in the controlled case series evaluation achieved complete re-epithelialisation between baseline and endpoint but there was a serial decrease in mean wound size (7.13 cm2) over the four week period. Five patients (33%) had a documented reduction in wound exudate during the case series evaluation and clinicians reported a significant improvement in the appearance of peri-wound skin.

Discussion & Conclusion

KerrraCelTM is indicated for moderate to highly exuding wounds of differing aetiology. On contact with wound exudate this gelling fibre dressing forms a soothing gel which contours to the wound bed to minimise the dead space where bacteria can harbour. It also sequesters harmful components in wound exudate to minimise the aggregation of bacteria and MMP’s in the wound bed1. Over the four week case series evaluation none of the patients developed clinical features of wound infection. The dressing demonstrated high absorbency and there were no contra-indications associated with peri-wound maceration of the surrounding skin. Clinicians reported that the dressing was highly conformable and retained its integrity on removal from the wound bed. The overall findings suggests that KerraCelTM has the potential to reduce the number of dressing changes and clinician contacts between appointments with minimal risk of contra-indications.

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