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An clinical evaluation of a natural, biodegradable acylated chitosan fibre gelling dressing prior to listing on a wound formulary

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An Clinical Evaluation Of A Natural, Biodegradable Acylated Chitosan Fibre Gelling Dressing Prior To Listing On A Wound Formulary

To achieve optimum wound management exudate control is essential. Although a moist environment
is essential for healing, over or under production of exudate may affect healing.
A relatively new highly absorbent gelling fiber dressing composed of natural, biodegradable, acylated
chitosan fibre was chosen to manage wound exudate. In addition to being highly absorbent it can
retain large volumes of exudate, lock away wound pathogens and laterally wick exudate away protecting
the periwound area from maceration. This dressing can stay on for up to seven days.
The primary objective was to evaluate the chitosan fibre gelling dressing on 10 patients with a variety
of wound types to determine its suitability for inclusion on a wound formulary.

The aim of this work was to evaluate this product to determine whether it should be included on the
wound formulary when renewed. It was well received by both staff and patients and positive outcomes
were achieved. Secondary benefits included an improvement in the quality of the wound bed
and staff commented that they appeared to have needed to apply less antimicrobial products during
this time although this was not formally measured. The results across all of the measured outcomes
were positive and th

outcomes of the evaluation were achieved.

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