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Poster 71
PET Imaging of Hypoxia Following Hepatic DEBTACE and TAE With Imageable Microspheres

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Objective: Feasibility of imaging of acute hypoxia with 18F-misonidazole in the liver post transarterial embolization with LUMITM combined with DEBTACE.


Methods: Three consecutive embolization-naïve patients with primary (n=2) or metastatic (n=1) liver tumors were prospectively enrolled and underwent DEBTACE with LC Beads containing doxorubicin plus TAE with bland LUMI microspheres to a near complete flow stasis endpoint. PET-CT imaging was performed 24-72 hours after embolization with 18F-misonidazole 0.1mCi/kg. PET-CT images were obtained 2 hours following radiopharmaceutical injection



1.Post embolization PET hypoxia imaging of the liver with FMISO is feasible
2. No qualitative or quantitative increased uptake consistent with localized post-embolization hypoxia was observed in relation to any treated lesion or aggregates of LUMI microspheres at the early post treatment imaging time point

Research Support

NIH Intramural Research Program, NIH Center for Interventional Oncology Grant ZID BC011242-08

RSNA Foundation Research Seed Grant

Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (BTG)

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