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Detection of Breast Cancer Using Thermal Tomography Q-R Curve

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Breast cancer detecting using thermal tomography q-r curve


The conventional Infrared thermal imaging has been attempted in the past for breast cancer screening with limited success. This study was designed prospectively to explore the value of a new screening modality - thermal tomography q-r curve - for breast cancer detecting in patients undergoing biopsy or surgery. Parameters of traditional thermal imaging including skin temperature difference (STD) and vascular disorder state were also estimated. 


812 patients with 927 lesions during 2013 to 2016 recruited for this study. All patients accepted thermal tomography Imaging (TTI)examination preceding biopsy or surgery. The diagnostic criteria of thermal tomography q-r curve were obtained from a large sample test over 34977 cases(Fig. 1-2). With pathologic results as gold standard, we statistically analyzed the diagnostic performance of thermal tomography on pathology subtypes.


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