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Curriculum Mapping Adolescence for LifeStages in Bridges
Board / Tue 11:22, 02 May 2017

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Curriculum Mapping Adolescence for Life Stages in Bridges

Brandon Seminatore; Andrea Marmor, MD, MSEd Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco, CA



  • 2nd year medical student course Life Stages (formerly Life Cycle) will undergo significant transition in the UCSF Bridges curriculum.

  • Course time restrictions and focus on blended learning are principal drivers of change.


  • Compose new objectives related to adolescence for the Life Stages curriculum, while aligning against national guidelines.

  • Facilitate creation of new course materials.

  • Develop a post-implementation evaluation survey to assess

    efficacy of knowledge acquisition and attitude of new curriculum.


  • We compared objectives to Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics/AAP General Pediatric Clerkship Curriculum.

  • We collaborated with course directors in large groups to build consensus around overarching goals for the curriculum.

  • We met with faculty lecturers one-on-one to facilitate integration of new objectives into new course materials.

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