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Patient Centered Care or a Step Too Far

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Patient Centred Care or a Step Too Far

79 year old gentleman admitted with gallstone pancreatitis. Type 2 respiratory failure requiring invasive Pventilation. Slow respiratory wean complicated by multiple VAPs over 4 months. Low mood . Decision made to take him home as a motivational tool.

Weekly MDT
Medico Legal Discussion
Transport and finances
Site visit
Practising Transfers
Trial of Transport Ventilation
Agreed UFTO

"As for that coming home… that is the thing that did it…... Gave me the push…..to look forward to something. Different altogether. You come home for a few hours and you think right, I’ve got something to fight for…Fight to be where I want to be. I will never forget that as long as I live…..It woke me up“ (Brian)

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