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Burn patients requiring intensive care due to infection

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Burn patients requiring intensive care due to infection



Shintaro Asai


Although there are some cases complicated by toxic shock syndrome (TSS) from wound infections in extensive severe burns patients, they are rare case causing TSS in small range burn in adults.

For the patients suffering from small burn injuries, an intensive care is not usually needed for the primary care, as they admit in the general ward on admission day.

However in rare cases these patients’ condition could get worse while having a treatment in the general ward, and they can be forced to move to the ICU until the vital sign gets stable.

In this time, it was examined the TSS complicated by small range burn patients in adults. I report these rare cases with some our considerations.


Material and method

I have experienced 5 cases were complicated by TSS at some reason in inpatient treatment in burns to 6 years from January 2010 to December 2015, two cases are males and three cases are females, 24 years of age to 75 years (average 48.2 years). Their reason are all by TSS. We examined about their TBSA, PBI, onset time, and outcomes.



Their TBSA were 3% to 32%, an average of 11.2%, and their PBI were 26 to 76, an average of 53.8.

Onset time were post burn day 4th to 14th days or postoperative day 1st to 13th days. Out of 5 patients, four cases were recovered, but one case was died by TSS.



Even if the burn injuries are not so severe and the vital signs are stable, their condition could easily get down especially by complicated of the infection.

Especially complicated by infection of TSS, quickly treatment is desirable, regardless of the age, TBSA and PBI.

We suggest not to hesitate to move the patients to the ICU as soon and suggest that the teamwork and cooperation of the plastic surgery department and the ICU department are required.


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