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Bacteriological Correlation Between Dental Plaque and Chronic Tonsillitis

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Bacteriological Correlation Between Dental Plaque And Chronic Tonsillitis


Introduction: Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils and usually it can be due to viral infection or more commonly due to bacterial infection.

Aim of this study: is to investigate the role of supra gingival dental plaque bacteria in the etiology of chronic tonsillitis.

Materials and Methods: In a total of 60 patients (30 patients with chronic tonsillitis and 30 patients with no tonsillitis, between ages of 3-12 years) the swap samples were obtained from dental plaque and tonsils for Microbiological identification methods: metabolic capability, microscopic reading and biochemical reaction.

Results: The bacteria isolated according to prevalence in decreasing order of frequency were S.pneumonia, S.pyogenes, S.hemlyticus, S.mutans, S.sanguis, S.viridans, S.mitis, S.salivarius, S.Oralis,candida, albicans and peptostreptococcus. Our objective is S.pyogenes Statistical analysis conducted  with SPSS 22 indicates that a greater number of the bacteria presence in the plaque more likely to represents the same amount comparing to the S.pyogenes in the tonsils

Conclusion: Dental plaque could be a causal factor of chronic tonsillitis in ethology of Group A Streptococcus (GAS).

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