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Screening of Patients in PNU College of Dentistry Using Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index.

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Screening of Patients in PNU College of Dentistry Using Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index.

Jawaher Almahri *, Aroob Albakri, Arwa Alhisham , Khulud AlAali 


Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index is an organized diagnostic criteria used to determine the complexity of prosthodontic cases. The purpose of this study is to establish the number of edentulism, partial edentulism and completely dentate patients that undergo treatment in undergraduate dental clinics at Princess Nourah bint  Abdulrahman university ( PNU ) using the index to determine the complexity of these cases.

Relevant articles were analyzed. Examiners screened 162 patients using a specific PDI checklist for each category, as well as a clinical examination, OPG and review of the medical history. The data was statistically analyzed by the SPSS electronic software, in conjunction with ANOVA and Chi-Square tests.

Results: 64% of completely edentulous patients were classified as a class IV. On the other hand, 59% of partially edentulous are classified as class IV. Whereas , the majority of completely dentate patients were classified as class III.

Discussion: In comparison to the previous study by Polyxeni Chr. Ntala et al. ( 2009 ) the results were mainly class III due to the abutments conditions in 20 percent of the patients and 15 percent is due to the location and extend of edentulous area. Whereas majority of their completely edentulous patients were class IV due to the bone height of the mandible in 44 percent of the patients, and the need for preprosthetic surgery in 29 percent of the patients.

Conclusion: Research findings has illustrated that the majority of prosthodontics cases are considered to be complex and above the level of the undergraduate students. Hence, justifying the importance of using PDI system during the diagnosis of each prosthodontic case in order to determine the complexity, aid in patient management and referral of the complex cases to specialists in order to achieve a dental health care quality that satisfies the patients’ needs.

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