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Current Pedagogies in Dental Education: A Review

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Title:  Current Pedagogies in Dental Education: A Review.


1.  Dr. Md. Zahid Hossain, Associate Professor, Div. of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, Najran University.

2.  Dr. Saeed M. Ali Alsareii, Dean, College of Dentistry, Najran University.



Background: Education is the process of teaching and learning by gathering knowledge and skills that modifies humans’ thinking and ability to understand of their well-beings. The methodology of teaching is called pedagogy. Dental education is on the trail of transformations from traditional teacher-based to more student-centered learning processes.

Aim: This review article will discuss in details on various pedagogies that are currently practiced in dental education worldwide.

Methods: Free online scientific articles were used as the principal sources of this review. Information and evidences were gathered from internet using search words ‘dental education’, ‘educational methodology (pedagogy), ‘SPICES model, ‘problem-based learning (PBL)’, ‘task-based learning (TBL)’, ‘competency-based learning’, ‘outcome-based learning’ and ‘evidence-based learning’.

Results: Numerous pedagogies are adapted for making dental students better learning. ‘SPICES’ is currently becomes a popular and useful model of teaching and learning method that has been adapted to most of the medical and dental schools in developed countries. Problem-based, competency-based, outcome-based, evidence-based and many other teaching-learning methods have been practiced since decades.

Conclusion: This review is of importance to have basic ideas on current Educational Methodologies (PEDAGOGIES) running in the Dental Education. These information may have impact on Teaching-Learning process in the Dental Education of Saudi Arabia.

Key words: Dental education, Pedagogy, SPICES model, problem-based learning (PBL), task-based learning (TBL), competency-based learning, outcome-based learning, evidence-based learning.


Presenting Author:

Dr. Md. Zahid Hossain, BDS, PGD & PhD (Japan), Associate Professor, Div. of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, Najran University.

Mob.: 0509449259; Email: [email protected]

Biography (3 lines):

  1. Chairman, Dental Education committee, College of Dentistry, Najran University.

  2. Chairman, Scientific committee, Annual Scientific Dental Day, College of Dentistry, Najran University.

  3. Former Senior member, Department of Dental Education, College of Dentistry, King Khalid University, Abha.

Conflict of Interest: Nothing.

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