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Healthy Life Practices Among Dental Students of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University

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Healthy Life Practices Among Dental Students Of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University

Maryam Alsulami*a, Shahad Alqahtania, Prof. Randa Fathi Abidiab, Dr. Ambreen Azamc, Dr. Lubna K. Elsayedd

A Dental intern, PNU, College of Dentistry

b Professor, and Consultant in Dental Public Health, DAU, College of Dentistry

c Lecturer, Dental Materials, CDS, PNU, College of Dentistry

d Lecturer, Oral Surgery, BDS, PNU, College of Dentistry 



To assess health-promoting behaviors and psychological well-being of female dental students at PNU.

Materials and Methods :

•A cross sectional study.
•2nd, 3rd, 4th year dental students (N=114).
•A self administered 50 item questionnaire.


Most of students were Saudi(99%), not married(93.5%), and live with their families(84.2%).

There are 4 important domains:

•General health status
•Physical activity
•Nutritional habits
•Psychological well being

General health status:

•58.3% of the students feel most of the time that they are physically, mentally, and socially healthy.
•More than half of the students (52.7%) read sometimes about improving health.
•87% of the students always brush their teeth twice a day.

Physical activity:

Nutritional habits:

Psychological well-being:

•Dental students sometimes:

                - Get enough sleep each day (50.9%).

                - Take some time for relaxation  (46.3%).

                - Able to balance between work and play (44.8%).


•More than half of the students (52.3%) sometimes accept those things in their lives which they can't change. 


•Most students chose sleep as a method of relaxation followed by prayers.
•Half the students didn't take breakfast, nor followed a planned exercise program nor felt they had enough sleep daily.
•Less than half the students only sometimes felt content and spent time with their close friends.


•Healthy lifestyle lectures should be given to increase the health awareness of the dental students.
•Students should have a healthy breakfast each day.
•The College should provide the fitness classes for the students.
•Students should express their feelings and talk to their academic advisors if they face any problems.
•Classes can be made for students to teach them different methods of relaxation that can help them for stress management as well as giving them advice for time management.

Future Perspectives:

•We recommend to do this research on different Colleges in Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University as well as doing it on different universities in Saudi Arabia.
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