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Intervention For Tobacco Cessation Amongst Clinical Dental Students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Intervention for Tobacco Cessation Amongest Clinical Dental Students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.




Tobacco use is arguably the most preventable cause of death around the globe. Costing up to 6 million lives each year around the world. The act of smoking is one of the leading etiologies of oral and oropharyngeal cancers. Representing 75% of tumors of the mouth, lips, tongue, and pharynx. However, Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the top five importing countries of tobacco worldwide. Spending around 160 million US dollars annually on tobacco. Despite that, Over 70% of smokers are willing to quit and more than half of them have made failed attempts to stop smoking.

The dental clinic is presumed to be a suitable and practical place to get involved in anti-smoking campaigns. Fortunately, smoking cessation activities practiced by dental practitioners can attain about 10-15% of the annual quitting rate. Clinical dental students have an opportunity to play a crucial role in educating their patients of the impact of smoking and promote their oral and general health.



The aim of this study is to determine the smoking cessation interventions performed by clinical dental students and the barriers to promote it.


Materials and Methods

This cross-sectional study was conducted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia among clinical dental students and interns of five dental schools. Using a questionnaire derived from a similar study. The online questionnaires were distributed through social media.



A total of 291 participants. Most of the respondents were non-smokers (79.4%). The majority of participants inquired about their patients smoking status (87.6%). The most frequently cited barrier was lack of training to help patients quit smoking (67%).



The current study identified the lack of appropriate smoking cessation training and deficient knowledge towards tobacco use cessation counseling. Therefore, it is essential to address both didactic and clinical training properly in the dental school.


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