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Using a simple technology-based solution to help improve clinical quality, efficiency and patient experience in a dedicated obstetrics and gynaecology hospital
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Using a simple technology based solution to help improve clinical quality, efficiency and patient experience in a dedicated obstetrics and gynaecology hospital



Timely and highquality healthcare delivery is a major challenge in developing nations. In India, the challenges for gynaecologists are magnified several folds due to illiteracy, lack of awareness and stereotypical social and cultural practices prevalent in India. Consider the numerical scale of this challenge: There’s only one gynaecologist per 18,750 women (about 32,000 gynaecologists for a female population of 600 million plus). In these circumstances, the need for a software solution for Gynaecologists in their practice becomes imperative.


The study aims to demonstrate that a dedicated obstetrics and gynaecology hospital can show a significant improvement in clinical efficiency and patient experience by using a simple technologybased solution designed specifically for gynaecologists providing necessary patient experience and engagement.


Doc N Me was the software employed for this study. It is a simple and effective application based on principles of gynaecology. The software allowed gynaecologists to define a set of workflow protocols for treatment. It helped in a detailed and quick review of patient history, present medical complications, ultrasound details, laboratory investigations, special instructions for medicines prescribed and sharing relevant documents or resources to help them with better treatment compliance. A controlled group of 200 patients participated in the study. The results were compared to an equal sample size, who received the conventional methods of care. Patient experience was measured in terms of NPS(Net Promotor Score) by an anonymous feedback from participants.


The following were the observations:

1. Efficiency: 25% improvement; led to higher number of patient consultations in the same duration.

2. Patient compliance: 27% improvement; led to better outcomes.

3. Average patient wait time: 20% reduction

4. Patient Satisfaction: 15% increase in NPS; led to higher number of referrals.

5. Overall impact: 82% patients reported a superior experience on account of:

a) Constant interaction with their doctor through the technology platform, which enabled the doctor

to be able to respond instantly by providing patient details on the fingertips.

b) More time spent speaking with patients despite reduction in facetoface consultation time.

c) Followup visits that didn’t require inperson consultation were managed digitally: reducing the cost and time for all.



Gynaecologists can efficiently utilise their time using this novel IT solution specifically designed for them. In order to improve patient care, compliance, transparency and satisfaction, integration of technology in healthcare is indispensable and should be adopted in-time.

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