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Sick children’s rights: systematic review


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Sick Children's Rights: Systematic Review

Zubeyde Ezgi OZGEN *, Diler AYDIN*

*Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University Faculty of Health Sciences, Bandirma, Turkey



This study was planned to systematically investigate studies evaluating sick child rights.


Studies and systematic compilations were searched with the key words "patient rights" published in the Turkish and English databases (Medline / Pubmed, Google Academic, Turkish Citation Index) between July 2008 and January 2018. A total of 7 national and international publications in line with the inclusion criteria were included in the study and evaluated.


In this systematic review, a total of 7 studies were used, 2 of which were compilation articles and 5 were research articles. When studies were examined, it is generally the level of knowledge of health professionals on subject of sick children's rights, parents were studying the level of knowledge about the rights of the child receiving treatment in the hospital and evaluating the affirmation of the children before the medical interventions. Within the scope of sick child rights in studies, the importance of the right to education, the right to play games and the right to receive informed consent from parents and children are emphasized. In five research papers, in particular, health professionals assessing the level of knowledge about child patient rights, there are differences in the scope of applying children's rights among countries and among pediatric units of different hospitals. It has been determined that health professionals receive approval from their parents only under the informed consent.


It is required the adoption of sick child rights by health professionals and ensuring that health services are equally, accessible and sustainable for all children.

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