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Ectopically Generated Trabecular Bone and its Maintenance by Titanium Implants
Thursday, March 1 / 6:30 - 6:40 pm / Monitor 9

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Ectopically generated trabecular bone and its maintenance by titanium implants 

Introduction: Previously, we reported that tibial osteotomy followed by daily PTH administration significantly augmented cancellous bone formation in the bone marrow cavity at the osteotomy sites (Fig. 1a and b).  Since the diaphyseal bone marrow cavity typically has little trabecular bone, the newly formed cancellous bone at the osteotomy sites will be absorbed and replaced with bone marrow after the cessation of PTH therapy.  Hence, the PURPOSE of this study was to find a way to retain the cancellous bone at osteotomy sites. 

Summary: Titanium screw implant placement significantly reduced bone resorption at the osteotomy sites.  Repetitive loading employed in the study did not contribute greatly to the retention of the bone.

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