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Full Arch Guided Surgery and Prosthetics: A Case Presentation
Thursday, March 1 / 6:00 - 6:10 pm / Monitor 8

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Full Arch Guided Surgery and Prosthetics: A Case Presentation

A Long DMD, R Crockett DMD, A Gil DDS, T Aghaloo DDS, MD, PHD, J Pi-Anfruns DMD, K Shah BDS, MS, FACP

University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry

Division of Advanced Prosthodontics

Initial Presentation

A 61 year old male presented to the UCLA Advanced Prosthodontics clinic with a terminal dentition (figures 1-3) desiring treatment with dental implants.  Following a comprehensive exam, treatment options were presented and the patient was planned for edentulation of both jaws with immediate placement and immediate loading of dental implants in the mandible.


CAD software was used to design indexing bone reduction, pin placement, and implant placement guides (figures 4-7).  The guides were printed using 3D-printing technology.  The interim restoration was fabricated using CAD/CAM software.  The fixated bone reduction guide would be used as a reference for converting the provisional mandibular prosthesis to a fixed restoration prior to flap closure (figures 7-12).

Treatment and Conclusion

The patient was transitioned from a terminal dentition to a maxillary complete removable denture and a provisional mandibular fixed implant supported prosthesis.  Using this approach, guided implant placement and immediate loading of the full arch prosthesis can be accomplished predictably.  This technique can reduce both surgical and prosthetic chair time.  Potential complications can be evaluated and accommodated for.

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