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Prosthodontic Management of Complex Implant Cases
Thursday, March 1 / 5:30 - 5:40 pm / Monitor 7

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Prosthodontic Management of Complex Implant Cases

Kotina Elli* DDS MSc, Papavasileiou George DDS MS PhD , Sykaras Nikitas DDS PhD

Dept. of Prosthodontics, Dental School of Athens, Greece

Provisional restorations have become not only a vital diagnostic and assessment tool for implant rehabilitation of complex cases, but also a complementary treatment modality .
Specific provisional restorations are demanded in long-term treatment plans, providing prosthetic solutions throughout the implant rehabilitation process according to individual circumstances and
patients’ requirements . These provisional prostheses should be achieved through a controlled predictable treatment protocol and manufactured with maximum strength and quality. The main
advantage of this type of fixed interim prosthesis is to provide comfort for the patient and avoid the psychological stress of using a removable prosthesis, in addition to playing a part in the success of
the final prosthesis.

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