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Etical Aspects of the New Nasal Implants Tenique
Thursday, March 1 / 5:50 - 6:00 pm / Monitor 2

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Etical Aspects Of The New New Nasal Implants Technique

Pietro Ferraris*, Federico Nicoli**, Simone Piva***, Giovanni Nicoli****

**MD, Director of SorridiSubito Clinics, Alessandria, Italy ([email protected] )
*** PhD, Center for Clinical Ethics, Insubria University, Varese, Italy ([email protected])
****MD, Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency, Spedali Civili University Hospital, Brescia, Italy ([email protected])

**** MD, Maxillofacial Surgeon,  Director of SorridiSubito Clinics, Brescia, Italy ([email protected])


To evaluate the outcome and special characteristics of immediate implant rehabilitation in extremely resorbed upper jaw, using implants to engage the nasal bone in order to avoid bone grafting. Angulated 24 degree implants, 20, 22, 24mm long and 4 mm in diameter were used. The aim is to use the paranasal bone to reach good primary stability for immediate loading and function, and to create a favorable distribution of implant prosthetic platforms. Patient received fixed prostheses in three hours.


If we have LESS THAN 3MM of alveolar bone we perform BONE GRAFTING around the implant

If we have AT LEAST 3 MM OF BONE we reach bicortical anchorage passing through  the maxillary sinus WITHOUT BONE GRAFTING


- Autonomy: The patient is completely satisfied with the functional and esthetic results and immediately gets back to his/her normal social-relational activities.

- Non Maleficence: Improving the quality of life thanks to the immediate possibility of restoring the masticatory function.

- Beneficence: Faster and more comfortable rehabilitation (the operation can be concluded in just one day).

- Justice: Economical predictable solution for the patient (less biologic and economic costs).


This technique can be recognized as a valid alternative for dental rehabilitation in extremely resorbed upper jaw.

The immediate loading represents a good compromise between the timing of the result and the esthetic quality, allowing for an immediate improvement in the quality of life.


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