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Three Years Study of Wing-type Implant, Clinical Study
Thursday, March 1 / 12:40-12:50pm / Monitor 9

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Three years study of wing-type implant, Clinical study

Dong Ju Choi

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hallym University

After a implant operation, the stability of the implant is a very important meaning for the patient and also for the operator.  But most complication occurs In maintaining period instead of complaining of a problem in the beginning or early time after the placement of an implant. The discomfort gets shown due to the bone loss in the surroundings of the implant and due to the occurrence of a peri-implantitis from after a few years.

Wing-type implant shows the stability after placement of the implant.  As a result of implants for 3 years between June and December in the year 2014.

In most cases, the absorption of the alveolar bone almost occurs minimally or did not take place.  And also the peri-implantitis of the surroundings of the implant occurs rarely.

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