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Anti-BMP-2 mAb Immobilized on Anorganic Bovine Bone Mineral With 10% Collagen Stabilized by MODfix Tenting Screws for Bone Tissue Engineering
Thursday, March 1 / 12:10-12:20pm / Monitor 7

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Anti-BMP-2 Immobilized on Anorganic Bovine Bone Mineral/Collagen Scaffold Stabilized by MODfix Tenting Screws for Bone Tissue Engineering 

Antibody Mediated Osseous Regeneration (AMOR) involves immobilization of anti-BMP-2 mAb on a scaffold. AMOR is intended to capture endogenous BMPs, inducing osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

This study sought to evaluate the efficacy of chimeric anti-BMP2 mAb immobilized on anorganic bovine bone mineral (ABBM)- Collagen block stabilized with MODfix screws in bone tissue engineering 

8 New Zealand White Rabbits were used in this study. Extraoral flap was used to expose the mandible. MODfix modular titanium screws were installed into the inferior boarder of the mandible. ABBM-C was pressed through the two MODfix screws followed by attachment of tenting abutment.

The ABBM-C for test group was incubated with chimeric anti-BMP-2 mAb (25 mg/ml) and the control group with isotype matched control mAb. After 12 weeks, animals were sacrificed for histologic and histomorphometric analysis. 

Antibody mediated osseous regeneration (AMOR) has shown limited bone regeneration under the stringent nature of the present defect model. de novo bone formation was only observed in close proximity (<1.5mm) to the host bone.

Higher number of osteocytes in the coronal portion of newly regenerated tissue was observed in sites treated with chimeric anti-BMP2 mAb.

Failure of de novo bone formation may be due to lack of local injury, which normally produces mediators, including BMPs.

Additional studies are required to test the relationship between bone injury and efficacy of AMOR. 

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