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Assessing the Survival of Dental Implants Placed in Sites of Previous Implant Failure
Thursday, March 1 / 12:40-12:50pm / Monitor 1

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Re-implantation of dental implants in sites of previous failure

Agari, Kimiko; Le, Bach Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery LAC+USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA



Investigate survival rates of dental implants re- implanted in sites of previous failure

•1st re-implantation •2nd re-implantation •3rd re-implantation

Assess possible factors affecting the success of re-implantation

•Patient-related factors •Site-related factors •Implant-related factors •Technique-related factors 


Retrospective Study (2010 - May 2017)

5,532 total implants in 3,597 patients

Implant failures and re-implantations identified

Various data factors collected:

•Demographics •Post-operative pain •Failure timing

Early Failure

Before abutment connection

Late Failure

After abutment connection


  • All modern platform switched textured implants

  • Implant failure defined as an implant either lost or requiring removal

  • All re-implanted implants placed by one board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon in a private practice setting 



Correlations noted in patients with failed implants:

Lower survival rates in initial implants compared to general patient populations, supporting evidence of a cluster pattern of patients with implant failure (2)

Lower survival rates of implants placed in sites of previous failure compared to initial implants, supporting prior evidence (3)

Higher rates of post-operative pain reports in implant failures than in implant survivals for all groups

Higher rates of early implant failures than late failures in all groups

Re-implantation is often the selected treatment for failed dental implants. Further investigation of the various factors that may affect re-implant survival is necessary to best optimize these patients and to predict re-implant success.


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