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Evaluating the Surface Properties of Different Dental Abutments
Thursday, March 1 / 12:50-1:00pm / Monitor 6

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Effect of Surface Roughness on Bacterial Adhesion to Different Dental Abutments

Background:  Dental abutments have traditionally been fabricated by machining titanium to produce smooth surfaces that facilitate easy cleaning and minimize plaque formation. Recently, new materials and coatings have been utilized to produce abutments with enhanced esthetics. Further, abutments have begun incorporating textured regions that claim to promote soft tissue attachment. However, such abutments possessing different surface chemistries and increased roughness may promote bacteria attachment which has the potential to lead to peri-implantitis and marginal bone loss.

Objective: The intent of this bench-top study was to characterize the roughness of different abutment surfaces and correlate these findings with bacterial adhesion.

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