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Full Arch Provisionalization Using CAD-CAM System
Thursday, March 1 / 12:30-12:40pm / Monitor 6

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CAD/CAM technology has benefited for more than 30 years in consultations and dental laboratories, offering digital printing and design to manufacture and application of oral restorations and prosthesis devices, implants and other fields in dentistry. The objective of this presentation is to demonstrate a temporary prosthesis in upper full arch, made directly on implants with different heights and soft tissues. Current methods of CAD-CAM allow better passive adjustment of the structures than traditional methods.


Eight implants were placed postextraction in upper maxilla. Surgical guide was used, with bilateral maxillary sinus lifting, and combination of autograft, xenograft and collagen membrane. Transitional prosthesis was adapted with tissue conditioner in places with direct contact to implants.

After six months, implant uncoveries were performed, placing anatomical healings screws.

A custom tray was made for impression taking, provisional plastic abutments were selected and sent to the lab to be scanned and designed. The structure is received and tested, fonetical test were performed, checking the passivity and settlement without signs of ischemia around the implants, as well as good access to floss (superfloss). 


Temporary restorations designed in CAD/CAM system had great adaptability to soft tissue, helping the creation of ideal profiles for the restorations, giving a good aesthetic appearance, masticatory function and passivity.



CAD / CAM systems are already a present reality that evolves day by day. It opens a wide range of possibilities in surgical planning (allowing less interventions), as well as in the prosthetic field (especially focused on the latter).

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