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Effectiveness of the Johns Hopkins’ Managing Cancer at Work® Program

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A workplace oncology nurse navigator program was developed as a web-based resource for any employee diagnosed with cancer or a family member caregiving for someone with cancer. The program provides a web portal in addition to a workplace nurse navigator who provides education, resources, and support. The goal of the program is to help their employees prevent cancer, recognize early warning signs of the disease, and understand and manage cancer treatment.


Measure the utility of the workplace oncology nurse navigator program in helping employees navigate their experience with cancer (as patient or a caregiver) through web-based resources and the services of a workplace nurse navigator.

Materials and Methods


The  program was evaluated with a qualitative study with convenience study sampling. Every active participant was offered an opportunity to participate via SurveyMonkey. Likert scales were used to assess the participants’ perception of the program’s value to them. The survey consisted of eight Likert scale questions with one free response inquiry. The survey was offered to both patients and caregivers.

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