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Evaluation of Safe Sedation Training®: An interactive, web-based training for moderate sedation administration
Thursday, May 4th, 12:50 PM - Monitor IS-1

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Evaluation of Safe Sedation TrainingTM: An interactive, web-based training for moderate sedation administration

AIM: To evaluate the effectiveness of a new web-based training on novice nurse knowledge of moderate sedation administration principles and practices.


•Deeper-than-intended level of sedation

•Ventilatory and/or cardiovascular depression leading to cerebral anoxia, cardiac and respiratory arrest, and death


Twenty-five registered nurses (0 to 2 years experience) completed a proctored 40-question baseline knowledge test on the principles and practices of moderate sedation, after which they completed the six online SST® learning modules, and repeated the proctored knowledge-based test.


Novice Nurse Baseline Knowledge of Moderate Sedation Principles & Practice: Mean pre-training test score was 40.8% (SD 15.8%, range = 10-62.5%)

Knowledge Deficit Areas

•Goals of moderate sedation & identifying sedation state (moderate vs. deep sedation)
•ASA Physical Status patient classification system in the context of sedation practice
•Pre-procedural food and fluid restrictions
•Use of self-rescue maneuvers
•Airway assessment; distinguishing airway obstruction from ventilatory depression
•Rescue maneuvers
•Pharmocokinetics of midazolam

Evaluation of Safe Sedation Training®

Mean test score increased to 86.8%  (SD 11.0%) (t = -12.7, p < .0001)

Learner Evaluation of Modules

Overall rating of modules: 4.4 on scale of 1-5

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