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Asd Repair, Minimally Invasive Approach

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Surgery is shifting more towards minimally invasive techniques. Some of likely advantages are shortened hospital stay , less postoperative pain, shortened postoperative hospital stay, last and not the least is cosmetic reasons .


We are presenting a video of a repair of an ostium secondum ASD done in The James Cook University Hospital (JCUH), Middlesbrough, using the minimally invasive technique, for a 37 years old lady


Right minithoracotmy was done, arterial and venous femoral cannulationwith the use of Superior vena caval canulation via the jugular vein,

Chitwood clamp was used for aortic cross clampingCO2 insuffilation was used.

Pericardial patch was used to close the defect



From our experience minimally invasive techniques is a safe alternative to the conventional methods, with some potential benefits.

The key is to have a well trained team which makes a big difference in the whole process.



The operation went uneventful, with satisfactory postoperative TTE and patient was fit for discharge on post operative day3 .

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