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Survey on the profile of Venezuelan women menopausal

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Survey on the profile of Venezuelan women menopausal

 José Jesús Moreno-Istúriz ; David Martin (VE)

  Introduction: to evaluate the quality of life in women menopausal worldwide have created various surveys and instruments, but all type Anglo-Saxon to exception of the scale Cervantes in Spain. We decided to carry out a survey for women typical Venezuelan and this are the preliminary results.

 Material and method: 120 surveys, were conducted to assess the profile of Venezuelan women in menopause in women over age 50,  in Maracaibo (30) and Caracas (90), distributed as follows: 77 surveys in women between 50-60 years: 30 surveys in women age 60-75; 13 surveys in women 75 years or older. Of quality of life, Sexual activity, widespread symptoms and menopause, psychological sphere, Social sphere and field holistic parameters were measured.

 Results: Among the preliminary results a series of matches were found in all ages such as that all women believe in if, rely on his intelligence to solve problems, like learning new things, think that menopause is not a punishment, feel more wise and little seductive, but his life if it makes sense. Questions: If there is loss of patience (65%), Easy irritability  (68%), menopause is a punishment (82.6%), God abandon me (95%), insomnia (68%); the percentages were negative response in all ages.

My life has meaning (68%), support “Me by myself” (89,3%), “I trust  me” (68%), I have confidence in my intelligence (68%), dolores musculares(68%), I learn new things every day and with facilidad(68%); the percentages were affirmative response for all ages. To the question if God had abandoned, 100% of women over age 75 said: no.

 Conclusions: First survey conducted in Venezuela that explores several aspects of Venezuelan women menopausal. With these and other questions we believe that we can give us an idea of the profile of our women at this stage of life can be source for the creation of our own scale of life at this stage of the woman.


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