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Simple and reliable efforts to prevent Sarcopenia

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Simple and reliable efforts to prevent Sarcopenia

Japan is the world ‘s top longevity country. Japanese people have 100 years of life. But, They are the world ’s top bedridden old women. The average period is 13 years. It is one seventh of life. Japan in 2025,It will have that the baby-boomer generation has become the age of 75.One in three people is over 65 years old, and one in five people is over 75 years old “Ultra-super aged society” is come. Sarcopenia is a serious social problem in Japan such as women's quality of life, nursing care, economic pressure. Efforts from menopause are important for prevention of sarcopenia.I will present the specific efforts of our organization and how the movement affected the lives of menopausal women.

We provided a simple exercise about 2 MET`s for 55 women aged 45 to 55. We checked the menopausal index sheet for women before exercise and after exercise. By doing so, it is possible to investigate what kind of change is in the experience value of menopausal symptoms by exercise. We will prevent sarcopenia by offering exercise to settle in daily life.


 Unpleasant index of menopause is the all declined on average. Especially among it is such as “coldness of the hands and feet” “feelings of anger” and “sleeping”. Some women say that “The feeling is stable” “have reduced the dosage of sleeping pills.” by exercising. You can do these exercises in your daily lives. Because, I am communicating a simple and easy exercise. You have established the exercise habits.

It is important to establish exercise habits for sarcopenia prevention. Although this is widely perceived, but 80% of menopausal women are not exercising. Menopausal symptoms are alleviated by moderate exercise. Exercise that is simple can be taken into life without difficulty. Knowing the comfort of moving the body, continue. Our approach will prevention future sarcopenia and make healthy longevity life.

You can make better health, anytime, anywhere.
There are easy care. You can keep on this exercise. Work, childcare, housework, nursing care. Modern women are busy. So, you are doing it as a lifestyle. From now you can change the health condition of the future by exercising. In order to change your lifestyle it is important to be 'easy’.
You do not need money, tools, time to get healthy.What you need is to keep it as easy as you can.

 ●Relaxing breathing method
1 Inhale through your nose, abdominal breathing, your face up.
2 And exhale slowly through your mouth. Pull your chin and stretch the back of your neck.You will have a flat stomach.
1&2 Repeat 5 times

 ●Stiff shoulder care
1 Put both hands on your shoulders.Draw a big circle at your elbows.Turn in front.
2 Turn to the back.
3 Then, strech both hands forward and cross your hands. Extend your arms upwards.
Push your arms with your head.

 ●Fix the pelvic distortion
1 Put your heels together. The angle of the heel is over 90 degrees.Face your toes outward. 
2 Heel raise 10cm. Keep your heels together. 1&2  Repeat 10 times
It is okay to put your hands on the chair when you close your eyes.

Live your own life
With proper understanding of menopause.

Kyoko Nagata / Chief Executive Officer,
NPO Chebura/ Aichi, Japan 
Mail[email protected]


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