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TGFb Pathway Abnormalities Cause Metabolic Dysregulation During Valve Disease

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TGFβ pathway abnormalities cause metabolic dysregulation during valve disease  


•AVD is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular mortality in the US affecting both young and the aged; early, effective treatment is crucial to prevent its onset and fatalities.

Metabolic abnormalities are observed during AVD (Mathieu et al, 2007).

    - Diabetes and hyperlipidemia are significant risk factors.

    - Metabolic syndrome is associated with faster AVD progression.

Nutrient depletion and manipulation of metabolic substrates impact viability, metabolism and contractile behavior of VICs. Particularly, hyperglycemic conditions can reduce VIC interaction with ECM and remodeling of the ECM(Kamel et al, 2014).

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