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Innovation in health worker training programs in Africa; experiences in the implementation and scale of the Health Enablement and Learning Platform (HELP) mobile solution, Kenya.

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The Leap mobile learning solution, a mobile solution for scaling health worker training programs in Africa 

The Gap

By 2035, there will be a global deficit of 12.9 million skilled doctors, midwives and nurses. Community Health Workers (CHWs) help to fill the gap, providing basic health care & education to their communities, families and children.
The current face to face approach to training CHWs is expensive, lacks opportunities for continuous training, and often results in high attrition. There is a pressing need for a more sustainable, scalable approach to CHW training

The Solution

A cross sector partnership bringing together the best in community health, mobility, technology and learning developed, tested and scaled the Leap mobile Learning platform over the last 4 years (formerly HELP).

Leap is a mobile phone-based tool that trains and empowers CHWs flexibly, employing a unique mLearning pedagogy to provide Initial and continuous Learning through SMS and audio on all kinds of mobile phones. Leap:

•Provides mLearning content aligned to approved training curriculums to ensure ownership and response to national health priorities
•Provides  on-demand access  to information, tools (job aids and decision trees) and services,
•Evaluates training through Quizzes,  Assessments, Gamification and instant performance feedback
•Provides direct access to CHWs, linking them to the formal health system to strengthen supervision
•Enables Group collaboration  for knowledge sharing & support.
•Provides digital  training records to inform decision making. 

Next Steps

•Leap has  trained over 3000 CHWs through mobile  in Kenya reaching over 300,000 community members with much needed health education. Leap has an ambition to reach all  80,000 CHWs in Kenya and  1,000,000 in Africa as a whole. However, we realize that we cannot do this  alone.
•Leap has therefore  transitioned into a social enterprise to ensure the successes and experiences  are replicated by other development partners involved in training of health workers in Africa.  

Contact us for further information: [email protected]

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