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Custom Monoclonal Antibodies Developed At M.D.Anderson Cancer Center For Your Research
Tuesday, May 9th, 12:00-1:00 PM - Monitor 1 - Hickey Auditorium

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Custom Monoclonal Antibodies Developed At MD Anderson Cancer Center For Your Research and Potential Clinical Development

Laura Bover, Ph.D., Long Vien, M.S., Janis Johnson, B.S., Julio Pollarolo, B.S., Roberto Rangel, Ph.D., Monoclonal Antibodies Core Facility, CCSG - MDACC

 Corresponding author: Bover L, Director of MAF - Immunology Department, MDACC, Houston TX. Email: [email protected]

The importance of immunotherapy research to advance the field of cancer biology and improve clinical outcomes has peaked in recent years, prompting Science magazine to name “cancer immunotherapy” as its 2013 Breakthrough of the Year. Recognition of the power of immunotherapy has heightened interest and demand for rapid, affordable services, and improved technologies are needed to provide the cutting-edge, high-quality molecules required for today’s researchers to gain insight into the role that different molecules play in normal and pathological systems, and characterize them for eventual therapy or diagnosis. The Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) Core Facility (MAF) at MD Anderson is actively participating in this endeavor. Our mission is to produce from de novo to purified, unique high-quality custom MAbs and timely services at competitive prices for basic, translational and clinical research, suitable for use in diverse applications meeting the users’ requirements. We also provide consultation including: a) selection and generation of the appropriate antigen format (peptides, proteins, cell expressing the target); b) troubleshoot any Ag- or screening-related issues; d) characterization of the produced antibodies (PK, affinity, competition); e) assay development for the particular users’ applications, including but not limited to imaging, immunohistochemistry, diagnostic, crystallography, preclinical and therapeutic use; f) providing letters of support for grant applications; g) advise for IND filling and patent requirements, etc. Remarkably, many of the MAbs that we generated are undergoing patents issuing. The MAF has been successfully generated the agonist immune checkpoint anti-human OX40 monoclonal antibody that was licensed to GSK and started in the clinic on July 2015. MAb 8F4 (Dr. Molldrem’s) against leukemia and Dr. Logsdon’s pancreatic cancer MAbs are in similar process for clinical development. Other MAbs produced at the Core were successfully licensed to Biotech Companies for research purposes and many of our users count on us for grant applications for whom we provided letter of support. Our customer’s success is our success and together we can achieve our institutional mission of making cancer history.

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