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Optical coherence tomography – Ptential roles in the non-invasive diagnosis of mycosis fungoides
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Optical coherence tomography – potential roles in the non-invasive diagnosis of Mycosis fungoides

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging technique, that is emerging as a promising tool for the in vivo evaluation and diagnosis of different skin diseases, especially skin cancers.[1,2] While the uses of OCT and High-Definition OCT (HD-OCT) in cutaneous carcinomas and melanocytic neoplasias have been intensively studied in the recent years, very limited information exists on the OCT aspects of primary cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders.[3]

We aimed to explore the utility of optical coherence tomography for the non-invasive diagnosis of mycosis fungoides. Therefore, we used OCT-HD technique (Skintell Agfa Healthcare) in a series of patients with confirmed mycosis funogides, obtaining images of lesional and adjacent normal skin, that were compared with the corresponding histopathology aspects.

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