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Evaluation of Septum Based Reduction Mammaplasty

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Evaluation of septum‑based reduction mammaplasty

Tarek F. Kishka, Dalia M. Elsakkaa, Gehan F. Elakabawyb,c,

Ahmed T. Nassara, Ahmed F. Elborgy


The aim of this study was to evaluate the technique of septum‑based reduction mammaplasty

regarding safety, esthetic results, and patient satisfaction.


Improved understanding of anatomy and continuous evolution in surgical techniques helped

to shift the focus from simple reduction surgery to keeping long‑lasting esthetic results. The

present study evaluated the reduction mammaplasty based on the fixed anatomical structure

called Würinger’s septum which carries the main nerve and blood supply to the nipple.

Patients and methods

This study included 30 patients experiencing macromastia who visited the outpatient clinic of

Department of Plastic Surgery, Menoufia University Hospital, from April 2015 to December 2016,

and they underwent septum‑based reduction mammaplasty based on Würinger’s septum.

Overall, 16 medial and 14 lateral septum‑based pedicles were designed according to each

patient characteristics. The patient characteristics, operative data, and results of the work

were recorded.


Septum‑based reduction mammaplasty was done for 30 patients, with an age range of

29–56 years. The mean nipple to sternal notch distance (suprasternal notch to nipple) was

31 cm, with range of 27–40 cm. The mean distance of nipple–areola complex elevation was

12 ± 2 cm, with range of 6–18 cm. The mean weight of tissue resection was 638 ± 22 g.

The mean operative time was 101 min (range: 85–119 min) in reduction‑only procedures

and 146 min (range: 125–185 min) with those requiring additional procedures. No major

complications were recorded.


Septum‑based mammaplasty is a safe and reliable breast reduction technique. It preserves

the nipple sensation more than other mammaplasty techniques, and also major complications

can be avoided.


breast, reduction mammaplasty, septum

Departments of aPlastic and Reconstructive

Surgery, bAnatomy, Faculty of Medicine,

Menoufia University, Menoufia, Egypt,

cDepartment of Anatomy, College of Medicine,

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Correspondence to Ahmed F. Elborgy,MD,

Tanta, Gharbia, Egypt.

Tel: +201065299488;+96599977542

Postal code: 31511

e-mail: [email protected]

Received 22 February 2017

Accepted 23 April 2017

Menoufia Medical Journal 2019, 31:1362–1368

Menoufia Med J 31:1362–1368

© 2019 Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University


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