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An audit of success rate of temporary crowns based on fabrication and its impact on definitive crown fit stage


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To assess the success of Temporary Crowns (TC) based on the following criteria:

• Type of material used (Acrylic Vs Resin)

• Method of fabrication (Putty Vs Freehand)

• Time interval between placement of temporary and definitve crown

• Assess the impact of failure of TC on subsequent definitve crown fit stage



Retrospective data from 80 patients across four NHS dental surgeries in North East London

were collected. Failure recorded was based on the British Society for restorative dentistry



• 80 TCs were placed, 53 acrylic and 27 resin.

• Overall 13.8% failures were recorded, all due to loss of marginal integrity.

• 9.4% of acrylic TCs failed and all of these were fabricated freehand.

• 22% of resin TCs failed, 2 fabricated freehand and 4 with putty.

• Majority of failures occurred within the 1-2 weeks.

• 64% of the failed TCs and 39% of the successful TCs required adjustment to the

definitive crown (DC).

• No correlation noted between tooth preparation adjustment & TC failure.


• Failure rate of acrylic is significantly less than resin

• All the acrylic failures were fabricated free hand

• Most failure occurred within 1-2 weeks

• TC failure had a significant impact on subsequent adjustment to the definitive crown

• Currently undertaking 2nd cycle of data collec?on to assess whether combination of putty and acrylic reduces failure


Reference: British Society for restorative dentistry

Keshtgar S, Hussain R, Rahim S, Anwar S, Movahedi S

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