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An audit of paediatric record keeping in a four General Dental Practices

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It is important to detect, diagnose, and treat dental disease early to allow the best treatment outcomes for our patients. To facilitate lifelong oral health, dentists must be able to:


Identify caries risk early in children and implementing appropriate preventative measures in line with the department of health “Delivering Better Oral Health” toolkit 1

Take radiographs appropriate to caries risk, as recommended in the The Faculty of General Dental Practice guidelines2.

Recognise and diagnose gingival and periodontal conditions in children by using the modified BPE screening tool, as recommended by The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and the British Society of Periodontology co released “Guidelines for Periodontal Screening in children3”. 

Detect orthodontic malocclusions early and refer appropriately (for example palpating canines and hypodontia).

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