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Changing Residents' Perspective on Bone Tumors: From Intimidating to Inviting


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Changing Residents’ Perspective on Bone Tumors: From Intimidating to Inviting

Diagnosis of Bone Tumors

Step 1: Evaluate morphology

Is it non-aggressive or aggressive?
• Zone of transition
• Pattern of bone destruction
What type of matrix is it producing?
• None/Lytic
• Osteoid, Chondroid, Fibrous

Step 2: What’s the patient’s age?

• Helps establish a differential when combined with morphology

Step 3: Additional features helping to distinguish aggressiveness of lesion

• Type of periosteal reaction
• Cortical destruction or soft tissue involvement indicates a more aggressive process

Step 4: Where is the tumor located?

• Characteristic locations can further narrow the differential
• Central, eccentric
• Diaphyseal, metaphyseal, epiphyseal
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