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Snapshot of Surgical Cancer Trial Recruitment at a Single Centre


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Snapshot Of Surgical Cancer Trial Recruitment at a Single Centre




•   Surgical intervention is central to cancer management and makes the greatest contribution to cure, of
    all available modalities. 


•   Despite such potential, surgical research has been highlighted by the National Cancer Research
    Institute (NCRI) 2008–2013 Strategic Plan as being under threat. 


•   1.8% of projects funded by NCRI partners explicitly focused on questions about the use of surgery. 


•   2.8% of all funding for cancer related project/programme grants and personal awards was allocated to  
    surgical endeavours. 




•   Retrospective review 


•   20 patients discussed at the subspecialty multi-disciplinary team meetings (Colorectal, Upper
    Gastrointestinal, Breast, Urology and Gynaecology)


•   May 2017


•   Somerset Registry entry, clinic letters and electronic case-notes were reviewed. 


•   UK Clinical Trials Gateway was examined to determine if the patient had been suitable for an actively    
    recruiting trial.




To assess whether surgical cancer patients at a single centreare being considered for and offered entry into a surgical trial.





Only 1 patient was offered entry into a clinical trial. 26 patients would have been eligible for entry into a clinical trial.




The poor trial recruitment identified across all subspecialties could be improved by; increasing clinicians’ awareness of active trials, including a reminder to consider trials on the MDT proforma, funding dedicated research clinics and by encouraging trainee involvement.

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