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Should we send gallbladder specimens routinely for histology? A year's review of local gallbladder pathology


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Should we send gall bladder specimens routinely for histology?
A year’s review of local gall bladder pathology

Radhika Merh

Deborah Jenner



Analyse local rates of incidental gallbladder (GB) cancers


Retrospective analysis of all GB specimens sent for pathology within a single trust made of two district general hospitals from 01/01/2016- 31/12/2016. GB specimens with histology of metaplasia, dysplasia or carcinoma were identified using a database search on the pathology records. Operation notes from patient notes were reviewed to clarify initial indication for surgery and gross appearance at surgery.


Of a total 517 GB specimens from cholecystectomies, 5 specimens had ‘abnormal’ pathology consisting of 1 granular cell Schwannoma and 4 low-grade dysplasias. There were no incidental carcinomas. All had complete excision. A grossly abnormal GB at the time of surgery was seen for specimens with granular cell Schwannoma and 1 (of 4) with low-grade dysplasia.


It is difficult to draw conclusions from this study due to a low sample size. GB specimens post cholecystectomy should be sent for routine pathology as per local guidelines.

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