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Prostethic Rehabilitation of a facial defect. A Case Report

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Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Facial Defect.  A Case Report


Núñez Morales T. DDS, Maxillofacial Prosthetic Resident, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, González Cardín V. DDS, Head of Maxillofacial Prosthetic Department, Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, México.



Loss of facial tissue, whether congenital, traumatic or resulting of a radical surgery because of malignancy, is accompanied by esthetic and psychologic affections. The best way to rehabilitate these cases is with the elaboration of a prosthesis; which appropriate retention, stability and support is often compromised by the size and location of the defect and the residual anatomy.



A 54 years old patient was referred with squamous cell carcinoma diagnosis after finishing her chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Previously, the patient underwent a left partial maxillectomy and the exenteration of the left eyeball.



A facial prosthesis was realized with medical grade silicone, using anatomical and chemical retention provided by the defect and a water-based adhesive.



Currently, the best option for retention of a facial prosthesis is by implants placement; however, in patients undergoing radiotherapy treatments or with deficient remaining osseous tissue, as the case of most of oncologic patients, this retention is limited to anatomical and chemical anchorage. The aim for this kind of prosthesis is to enhance the patient's quality of life and to reincorporate him to the society.



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