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The All-on-Four Immediate Function Treatment Concept: A case Report

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The All-on-Four Immediate Function treatment The “All-on-Four” treatment concept provides patient with an immediate loaded fixed prosthesis supported by 4 implants: 2 anterior and 2 posterior placed at a 30 degree angle from the implant entry point, placed this way to take advantage of the available bone and to avoid extensive bone graft augmentation. A 55 year-old-female was referred to the postgraduate prosthodontics clinic at the Dental School of Puebla BUAP. Her chief complaint was a full mouth rehabilitation. Although the patient was dentate, the clinical and radiological examination revealed poor prognosis of all the teeth due to severe periodontal disease and bone loss leading to their extraction and immediate implant placement with an “All.on-Four” technique ussing a permissive guideand and immediate loading. Ovoid pontics were used to create a more natural emergence profile to be reproduce in the final impression with a customized copping transfer. The “All-on-Four” concept is a predictable treatment that allows the rehabilitation of the complete edentulous jaws with minimum bone volume avoiding bone augmentation procedures, provided by the implants placed strategically for the immediate function with a lower cost and high succes rate.

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