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Custom milled multiunit impression copings in a staged implant reconstruction in an esthetic zone: A clinical report

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Customized impression coping to capture precise soft tissue morphology and emergence profile 



Dental implants restoring missing dentition has demonstrated high success rate in the literature.1-3 A common clinical challenge in implant dentistry is usually encountered when restoring the maxillary anterior esthetic zone.4 Guidelines for a highly predictable esthetic outcome were established in the dental literature for single implant replacement.4,5,6

 Implant dentistry becomes more complicated with multiple anterior failing dentition.4,5 In cases with more than two missing anterior teeth, the dental clinician faces a critical decision whether to replace each missing tooth with an implant or to use an implant-supported fixed partial denture (ISFPD).4,5 Furthermore, esthetic considerations for soft and hard tissue should be given to preserve or improve what exists.4,5


Clinical report:

A 65-years-old female presented to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry (LLUSD) for prosthodontic evaluation and treatment. Patient’s chief complaint was “I want to have my  front teeth restored with implants”. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed that the four maxillary incisors had short roots as a result of orthodontic treatment. (Fig. 1 A and B). After discussing different treatment options with the patient, a decision was made to replace the four maxillary incisors with an implant supported fixed partial denture (ISFPD). 

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